These are the folks that build Visitt
Do you see that blond-haired girl?
She’s a talented actress, seasoned recruiter and an awesome office manager.

And the guy with the glasses? He is the lead singer of an exceptional metal band and an enthusiastic sales representative.

Oh and the guy with the hoodie in the back? That's our customer success manager who leads the team with his incredible analytical skills and empathy. The team and himself work super-hard to make our clients happy.  
You see, when Ron, Itay and Idan founded Visitt, back in 2017, they wanted to create a company that is relentless in its pursuit for professionalism, but also one that encourages individuality and freedom.

While we are a diverse bunch, what keeps a smile on everyone’s face is knowing that we share something deeper than an office space.That thing is Visitt’s value and vision.
To do that, they built the team around a few core values

Trust & Autonomy
We may know where we want to go, but we trust the team with ‘how’ we're going to get there.

Continual learning & Growth
Improve by doing, falling, correcting, and always pushing forward in an environment that encourages pushing boundaries and professional growth.

Transformative evolution
Our time together is limited, and eventually, everyone moves on: a new role, new company or new country.

Regardless of what your next play is, we will make sure your time at Visitt will be transformative and hope that you’ll reward us by doing your best work.
And as for the business side, here’s what you probably should know: 
Visitt is VC-backed, with happy, paying clients both in the US and in Israel.

We’re growing quickly to keep expanding in the US and we’re looking for talented, ambitious folks who share our values and want to be a part of this journey. 
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